6 Ways to Optimize Happiness in the Office

Companies with happy employees out perform the competition by 20%, and happy salespeople close 37% more sales. That should call for reason to keep your work place a positive environment.

Further more, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend approximately 87% of their lives indoors. That might seem like an unrealistic number, but it’s not and it has become the way of the world for a majority of people. A majority of peoples time spent indoors is in the workplace. While it may not be directly connected, it may not be surprising to learn that depression rates are also on the rise among teens and adults. Luckily, a simple change can make a world of difference for employers and employees alike.

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1. Update your Lights

The types of lights used in offices, warehouses, and other work spaces play a huge role in the mood, productivity, and efficiency of employees. Therefore, it’s worthwhile for employers to look into lighting options that maximize visibility while reducing stress and improving motivation levels.

Outdated florescent light bulbs take up most old office spaces and metal halide/high-pressure sodium lighting in warehouses and outdoor work-spaces. These lights are known to cause eye strain, headaches, and possible mood swings.

Don't sweat it though, LED lights are here for the rescue. When you install LED lights your are not only saving money but you are also saving yourself. LED lights are known to bring your mood up. Traditional lighting flickers at a very fast rate causing eye irritation, LED lights stay at a consistent light level saving your eyes and wallets.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

Don't stress yourself out, take a break and get some fresh air. Breathing fresh air is good for your digestive system, helps improve blood pressure and heart rate, makes you happier, strengthens your immune system, and cleans your lungs. You probably know all of this information so take this as a reminder to take a step outside every once and awhile.

Keep smiling!

3. Greet your Co-Workers

Keeping a good relationship with your co-workers will make your day a lot more enjoyable. They don't have to be your best friends but a work buddy could relieve work related stress. You also don't know what other people are going through in their lives so be considerate when talking to others. A simple compliment on someones outfit might make someones day so don't be afraid to be nice.

Beth's Birthday

4. Appreciate Employees

Did you know that feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason why Americans quit their job? It's true. Giving someone your full appreciation one day a year is not much to ask for. Employees are motivated to continue working harder if they are appreciated.

Making a hard workers birthday a day to remember can make the difference of someone staying with or leaving a company.

5. Offer Flexible Work Schedule

Allowing for a flexible work schedule can make a major difference to a single mom or a high school senior looking for some extra money *wink *wink. The few hours these employees put in make a big difference. Employees who work on their own time are likely to have increased productivity rates. Allowing an employee to have a flexible work schedule or the ability to work from home gives them confidence and shows you appreciate their work even if it means only a few hours are put in a week.

6. Allow Creative New Ideas

Giving employees the freedom to try new things and give fresh input on old procedures can make a major difference in the financial flow of your business. For example giving an employee the freedom to post what he or she wants on company social media pages. This freedom gives employees confidence in their work and a feeling of trust from the company they are working for.

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