Advanced Controls in Lighting

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

In this day and age, lighting is getting more and more efficient. A big part of the savings comes from the ability to remotely control your LED lights. You have the ability to completely control the light whenever and wherever you may be. With Advanced Controls, you have access to see how much energy and more importantly money you are saving with your new state of the art LED lighting system.

American Eagle Solutions contractor on work site.

Light affects human beings more than you may think, so it is important to put yourself and your employees in well-conditioned and well-lit workplaces. Short term exposure, under traditional fluorescent light bulbs may cause migraines, eye strain, and dizziness to people. That is because these lights flicker so fast that the human eye is oblivious to it. This phenomenon severely disrupts physiological processes in the brain and restricts the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that promotes sleep and wakefulness in your body. It doesn’t get better for long term… humans exposed to traditional fluorescent lights for long periods of time may find themselves having mood swings or even depression. This is due to over-saturation of artificial lighting and lack of natural sunlight.

Fluorescent light hitting off the human eye can cause severe damage.

Before the 20th century, people did not have access to light bulbs. Our earlier ancestors survived off the light from the sun, completing work near a window and waking up when the sun’s light beckoned them forth. Natural sunlight is the healthiest option of light which is why we provide daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting matched with Advanced Controls automatically adjusts the amount of energy put out of your LED lights compared to natural light shining through windows. Daylight harvesting retains the same light levels day in and day out.

Visual representation of daylight harvesting!

One of our partner companies, Avi-On, perfects this process with their Advanced Controls App that works best with lighting in warehouses, manufacturing complexes, and single locations. Some features offered include a Bluetooth Mesh Network, Dimming, Scene Control, and Occupancy Control. These features combined allow for total control of lights in office space. You can remotely see if these lights are on and turn them off through the Avi-On app. If your lights are connected via Bluetooth control you will have access to control your lights from anywhere in the world. Yes, you heard that right, the future is now, Advanced Controls.

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