• Beth Bahr

KAIGAN Fest 2019

Angelo Seach, selling his product line of Surge clothing.

On 2003, in Southern California, a happy and healthy baby boy was born, Kellen Jumper Warner. Kellen grew up being a natural athlete, starting with soccer, then baseball, then basketball, then football, and even some ice hockey. In 2014, while playing All-Star baseball, for the first time in his life he was exhausted. It wasn’t normal exhaustion, there was signs that warranted medical intervention.

At only 11 years old, after multiple doctors, hospitals, pokes, prods, and biopsies, Kellen Jumper Warner received devastating news. He was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy with Crescentic. Kellen didn’t understand what was wrong with him, why did his parents have tears in their eyes? His parents and family confronted their fears and investigated all the information that they could about Kellens diagnosis. After gaining insight on IGA Nephropathy with Crescentic, together Kellens family found the KAIGAN Foundation.

The KAIGAN Foundation was founded in 2016 and is a nonprofit foundation. The foundation is providing awareness, research and support for juvenile kidney patients. The foundations mission is to alleviate costs for juvenile dialysis and kidney groups. The KAIGAN Foundation is determined to make a difference.

Every year, The KAIGAN Foundation hosts Kaigan Fest. American Eagle Solutions’, Multi-Media Specialist, Angelo Seach, attended this year, not only selling his Surge merchandise but to DJ.

Angelo Seach, DJing at KAIGAN Fest 2019

103 Rotary Drive

West Hazleton, PA 18202