• Beth Bahr

PPL Electric Utilities

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

About PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities pursues to make significant investments to improve the electric delivery system, ensuring their network is reliable, resilient, and secure. By replacing aging facilities and building new ones to meet growth in demand, they are building reliable systems for today and for the future. When serving 1.4 million customers in 29 countries and handling more than 7 million customer interactions each year, it’s easy to see how they earned their high marks for customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

PPL Electric Utilities contacted American Eagle Solutions, to perform an energy efficiency audit and navigate PPL Electric Utilities through their energy efficiency project, from start to finish. PPL Electric Utilities goals were to have high energy savings, HVAC savings, and a better environmental impact.

The Solution

American Eagle Solutions concluded the solution to PPL Electric Utilities challenge would be, exhibiting LED Fixtures based on their exceptional performance indoors.

Energy Savings

PPL Electric Utilities will not only benefit from their improved conditions, they will enjoy their energy savings from their lighting project upgrade.

Annual Energy Savings: After their lighting project upgrade and advanced controls implementation, 365,272.73 kWh was saved

Green Impact:

This energy efficiency project has led to the equivalent reduction of 599,412.5 lbs of C02, removing pollutants from the air and having the same effect on the environment as:

103 Rotary Drive

West Hazleton, PA 18202